Election Nominations

Published: 10 April 2021

The nominations of Election of Parish Councillors have now been issued. St Just in Roseland Parish Council has 11 Councillors and is split into two wards - St Mawes (8 Councillors) and St Just in Roseland (3 Councillors) and serve to represent the views of the Parish.

St Just in Roseland Ward - 3 Nominations were submitted, so there will be no election as they will automatically be elected.

Keith Warren
Sheelah Goldsmith
Analisa Marchant

St Mawes Ward - 13 Nominations were submitted, so there will be an election on the 6th May. The nominations are

Emma Andrew
Helene Aston
Richard Baylis
Jeremy Blower
Andrew Chantrill
Robin Giles
Peter Hare-Scott
Alan Macklin
Louisa Rogers Baltazar
Phil Salter
Ken Walker
Christine Williams
Peter Young

On Election Day (6th May) - the Parish will decide who they wish to represent the views of the parish for the St Mawes Ward - this will mean that you can choose 8 (or up to 8) of the 13 and the 8 candidates that receive the most votes will be elected. This is now your decision, so please do vote to give support to the Parish.