Design Competition

Published: 28 February 2022

St.Mawes - Design competition

Adult prize : Dinner bed and Breakfast for one night at The Idle Rocks Hotel.

Students prize: A film of your choice for yourself and up to 25 friends and/or family with popcorns and drinks at the St. Mawes Hotel cinema.

Many thanks to the St Mawes Hotel for these prizes

Specification for the improvement of a St.Mawes Public Area.

The Parish Council invites proposals for the visual improvement and amenities of a public area in the town square:

Location: St. Mawes Square, opposite the Watch House and adjacent to the slipway opposite the Rising Sun. See attached Map.

Visual Impact:

The area is physically small, but due to its location has a very high visual impact on the image and appearance of St. Mawes. The impact is particularly acute as it faces the Rising Sun, the shops in the Square and the entrance and exit to the car park


The area is a physically small triangular shape. Bounded by the main road, the main sea wall running through St, Mawes, and a smaller lower wall that runs parallel to the slipway and rises from the road level to the height of the main sea wall.

The surface is currently asphalt sloped from the wall to the road. The surface includes a number of BT access panels set into the surface. These can’t be moved.

Street Furniture: the current street furniture comprises two grey bins and a wooden seat.

Safety: This is a public area bordering the sea wall and road and therefore adequate consideration must be given to minimising the risk to members of the public.

The key risks being:

Children climbing and falling from the sea wall to the beach

Falling into the road and trip hazards.

Important consideration

The Area is subject to sea water spray and saturation during high tides and strong winds. Any submissions should allow for the drainage of surface water back to the road. Materials should be resistant to salt water corrosion.

In summer the area is subject to high footfall and traffic flows.

The area is used by the public, in waiting for, and eating take away food, from The Watch House.

Submissions should include the following amenities

- Easily accessible bins for re-cycling packaging and general waste

- Suitable seating

- Ground covering or surfacing materials

Other ideas or proposals are very welcome

Submissions :

These could be in the form of drawings, paintings, plans, models, sketches or printed graphic files measuring no more than A3 size. To be submitted to the Parish Clerk at The Millennium Rooms by 1st/April 2022

Precise dimensions whilst useful are not required.

The submissions should include the colour, size, and nature of materials that could be used. Please put your name and contact details on the back of your design.

The result will be announced in the Roseland Magazine in May.

We look forward to receiving your designs.

St Just in Roseland Parish Council.

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